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1If I order my credit report, will that show as an 'inquiry' on my credit and make my score lower?
Short answer: No! Now, when others check your credit, because you've applied for a loan or a card for instance, that will likely show up on your credit report as an inquiry. And too many of those can look less than desirable. Also keep in mind, that checking credit report regularly--at least once a year--can probably help you improve your standing and help prevent the identity theft and the devastation that can cause. So don't be afraid to check your own credit!
2My credit limit is $400 but I am currently at $393. I make my payments on time, but will this affect my score?
Your utilization is almost maxed out. So pay this balance under the 30% level to get your score to go back up. Pay this balance down as soon as possible. Keep your utilization of the credit line under 30% all of the time and your score will bounce back.
3I have an unpaid medical bill on my credit report. However it does not show any contact information only a case #. How do I find out who I need to contact to pay or dispute the bill?
Make sure you have gone through to the end of your report and looked at the list with creditors and their contact information. If it is not there, contact the credit bureau you pulled the report from and they will give you the information over the phone. The credit bureau has to give you either the phone number or address by law, in order for you, the consumer to dispute the bill.

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