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Knowledge is power.
Empower Your Group.

Do you have a group that needs more knowledge on credit and finance issues.

We can provide the classes and seminars that provide meaningful education.

How We Teach

Communicating to a group is more than just passing on data. A good speaker needs to engage the audience and provide information that can empower them and transform their lives.

We don’t just speak, we motivate, advise, promote and encourage with powerful, user-friendly information for positive changes in the listener’s financial life.

Employers who offer financial training can help their employees be more stable and better able to make better use of their benefits.

We have provided training sessions for unions, on company locations, and in general seminars for certain trades.

Financial literacy and solvency is useful knowledge for everyone. Help your members be more int tune with their financial realities and empower them to reach their goals.

We have had the pleasure to give seminars and workshops to churches, job training organizations, and neighborhood groups.


We hold dynamic, info-packed sessions for small and large groups. Some topics we've covered in the past include:

  • How to handle creditors and debt collectors
  • When bankruptcy is the answer
  • How recruiters actually ‘recruit’
  • Resumes that get read


Our engaging, participatory classes cover financial topics in-depth, including:

  • Building and rebuilding credit
  • Spending and saving plans for future goals (buying a house, retirement, college tuition, etc.)
  • Overcoming financial indebtedness
  • Identity theft recovery and prevention

Experienced Financial Coaching

Know that you are getting accurate and the most recent financial information with Alpha Advisors.

Our Counselor is an accredited financial counselor with the AFCPE and holds current certifications including:
  • AFCPE Financial Fitness Coach
  • AFCPE Certified Financial Counselor
  • ICFE Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist
  • ICFE Certified Debt Collection Compliance Specialist
  • ICFE Certified Credit Report Reviewer

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