Step-by-Step Instructions on How To Get Your Credit Report COPY

We can make it simple to find out the status of your credit record.

It couldn’t be easier. The pictures just step you through the process.

How To Get Your Credit Report”

  • takes any complication out of this process
  • gives you all the steps so you don’t have to guess
  • makes it easy for you to see your credit history
  • shows how to get your credit report online and offline
I should have looked at my credit report years ago. I found charges that weren’t mine! Luckily, I had them removed.


Sometimes people think that it is complicated to find out. It isn't. We will walk you through it. Your credit history can be an important key to getting to a house, buying a car, starting a business, getting a job, and so many other moves we want to make in life. Do you know what your history says?Your can easily find out


It can be a lot dealing with all the things you need to know about credit. At the least, we want to make the process of getting your credit report easier, so you can focus on other issues.

Walk Through

We will walk your through getting your credit report. Step by step. You don’t have to figure it out or go it alone. Our directions and screenshots will guide you without guesswork.

Know More

You may be hesitant to find out find exactly where your credit status is—that it is worse than you think. Remember, Knowledge Is Power. When you know where your stand, you know what you can do..

Avoid Scams

There are many websites that offer to provide your credit report…but they want your credit card number, so they can sell you something later. We help you avoid scams by stepping your through using the US Government’s site, set up to safely download your 3 credit reports..


Can’t or don’t want to download your credit report from the Internet? You don’t have to. Our report also steps you through all the ways you can get your credit report, online and offline.


Getting your credit report is free once a year. Our free report will show you where and how to get your credit report.
You don't have to spend all day trying to figure getting your credit report. "How To Get Your Credit Report" will save you time and lead you through the safe, free, government-approved methods for getting your credit report. Getting your credit report does NOT have a negative impact on your credit score (we explain this too in your free report). Know where you stand. Download your free instructions on "How To Get Your Credit Report" now. P.S. We never sell or give away your information.